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All That We See or Seem, is But a Dream Within A Dream
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27th-Jun-2007 11:37 pm - ciao
victoria frances
Going away to ghoulprincess land now.
You should come too.
25th-Jun-2007 12:25 pm - Ivory Night
black widow
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This was on Arches paper from school, and isn't Arches supposed to be a really good brand? Ugh it was awful! Parts would be completely dry-as in had dried overnight (and watercolors do not take long to dry) and I'd go to put paint on top and it would bleed! Did not like the texture of it either.

Saturday my mom said that she would take me to Michaels but wanted to go to the mall to find a bathing suit. She takes a long time to shop for anything but I figured I would go around the mall and it would maybe be an hour. She took 3 hours. I am not even exagerating. I was so bored. In every store I just tried things on to waste time. I bought the first Horrorpops cd. And 2 tank tops from Hot Topic with faeries on them. I don't really like wearing clothes with pictures and stuff but I like them. And I went to Michaels with my list and it took me not even 10 minutes to find everything. Went to Barnes&Noble too.
Yesterday we went in her rowboat.

Today so far all I have done is got attacked by the hose. It is my job to water the flowers in the morning. So I turn the hose on and I go to pick it up and it starts spraying EVERYWHERE. Apparently there was a rather large leak. I watered stuff on one side with the leak part and then had to use the watering can, filling it up from the leak. It wasn't small, it was like a sprinkler. I got very very soaking wet.

I think I will work on ACEOs today maybe. I need to get my report card! Cindy got hers last week.

And I am finally switching over to ghoulprincess. Add me there, it's not like I'm trying to get rid of people I just hate this username.
22nd-Jun-2007 12:58 pm - Verbascum *important stuff!*
christian death
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The paper I used for this was absolutely horrible. It was dumb to use it though, it was only a little bit thicker than regular like computer paper. But I figured I might as well use it. I might sell this on ebay (and if it does not sell it can be like a xmas gift lol). And I have some questions and I would really appreciate advice.
1. It's 5x7, so if I were to give it a buy it now price, what should it be at? like $30?
2. What do you normally start the bidding thing at, I mean what price?

If you want to help me out I will be very very happy and love you very much.

Reminding you that I'm switching my lj to ghoulprincess relatively soon. Add me if you want (and then if you don't I will add you anyway, if I know you and want you there). I might not add all of you, mostly if I don't really know who you are. I mean, I like new friends but what is the point of adding me if you don't try to comment sometimes? I know I don't comment on all of your journals but that is mostly because maybe I added you from FAE but never really knew you and most of you are so much older than I am, so I feel weird commenting on your entries, and I am shy, in general. But I mean you can still add me.

So Wednesday I went and slept over Cindy's house and did not fall asleep until 4 (we went to be at 1) and was very tired Thursday.
I went biking, and each time I go biking I take a gagillion pics.
.....and now Cindy just called and I am going swimming with her. And being filmed by MTV. Oohhhh God I don't want to be in a bathing suit on national television!!!!!
20th-Jun-2007 04:32 pm - Day at the Octopus Farm
christian death
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I have another octopus idea but I'm not sure what media to do it in.

I'm becoming a spazzoid becuase I have to go to Cindy's house later to be filmed by MTV! omgomgomgomgogmmggmgm
She's going to be on Made! (actually, I've known since May, was not allowed to tell anyone). She called to say that they want to film me since I am her friend. What should I wear?????? What did I wear the time they came to our school?????? ahaierhyghkahdiyejf,kklgkdhgah

In other news....oh this is MUY IMPORTANTE. I am switching usernames. I do not like this one. I have disliked it since January but I was nice and kept it for about 6 months. I promise not to switch again. My new one is ghoulprincess and you all should add me there. I will start using it soon.

And I have been biking a lot and we went swimming and so by the end of the summer I will be super fit and toned. Maybe I'll have arm muscles! I get so many ideas when I go biking and they are all fighting to get painting time. Sooo many.

Now I have to go spazz out more. Try to find a decent outfit. Try to apply makeup nicely, my makeup now has it's own little makeup house it's rather cute.

Oh. Yo tengo fotos de New Jersey y arboles
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15th-Jun-2007 06:38 pm - Shy Pearl
emilie autumn
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Not very good acrylic painting. For an art show. Someone must remind me to stop painting things that do not interest me/annoy me.
13th-Jun-2007 04:34 pm - bone girly
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I was trying to illustrate "Greensward Grey" by Cinema Strange and this is what happened. Not illustrating the song anymore, but completely influenced by the spookiness of it.

We went in from 7:30 til 9:30, it was completely dumb, why not just have 3 exams yesterday?
Got a letter from Bristol. I want to draw her a little picture, and I need to write back to her. She made me a little bracelet. She might be away for 2 years. I miss her.

Don't feel so great today. I'm blaming allergies. Just feel kinda blah. I think I'm getting addicted to cheese its. It's all cold and gray out.

I organized a little section of my room today. I need to do my whoollee room, which isn't huge. I got rid of my papers from school and it was like a foot tall of paper. I looked through all my art stuff, from last year too, at school. It was so bad lol. I was so delusional, thinking it was really good. Not that I'm amazing now, just better than last year.

I have 2 chalk pastel things and a few pics to show too.
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Hmmhmmh I'm so happy I actually have time to read my book about skintones! And I think I have a plan for this sundress I bought, to make it more interesting. First I must organize the rest of my room.
9th-Jun-2007 08:51 pm - Spring Lolita
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I started this 2 weeks ago and did Body Company in between. Towards the end, the whole niceness of it bothered me. That always happens.

Today we went to the craft fair. I got this cool metal thing for the garden of an owl and a moon. And a cool swirly wire ring. For some reason, when I go to craft fairs and am looking around people ask me if I'm an artist, only at craft fairs. Maybe it's the flowered headbands or sideponytails or patchwork miniskirts and doll shoes. I never get asked that anywhere else haha.
My friend's mom owns a restaurant and she says she'd be happy to put my paintings on the wall to sell them. I need practice with landscapes and still lifes, anyway.

Ohh look at my adorable kittykat ^_^
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Other than that...I've been doing geometry reviews, listening to Sopor Aeternus a lot, and I have a reallllyyy cool little macabre painting I'm going to work on next. I'm sooo excited lol, most of the stuff I've been doing lately is such fluff!
8th-Jun-2007 07:57 pm - Body Company
dresden dolls
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Inspired by the And One song that I'm addicted to.

Now to get back to work on the painting I ditched to do this one.

Oohh Les Fleurs du Mal is AMAZING!!!! Well worth the $100.
28th-May-2007 06:18 pm - soundless spring
black widow
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We have these pretty weeds with little white flowers at the tops and I wanted to paint them.

Hmmm, this weekend has been nice. Saturday my mom was in New Jersey, me and my dad watched Pan's Labyrinth but he fell asleep. I went biking and took pictures and sat in trees and read. I watched the Cinema Strange DVD, I need more music dvds. I only have the Dresden Dolls and Cinema Strange but I really like watching them. I love the Cinema Strange one, I love the live version of Catacomb Kittens. And the little documentary is so funny :)
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Sunday mom came back at around one and I was tired all day and we went to get ice cream. We watched Pan's Labyrinth, again. I was feeling all restless and I decided it would be best to dance around my room and redecorate. I hung up scarves on the walls and arranged dead and fake flowers in glass jars and it still needs a lot. I want to move things around but this is the only setup that works well.

Today we went to the parade. It was the same as it always is. I picked up rocks and dragged dead leaves around (which was really hard and my arms hurt now) for money. I'm getting the book the Art of Rozz Williams and then I want to start my own garden. I told my dad if I make the bottom part of the lawn a garden then he can't mow it and it will be a forest. So I picked out a pretty red columbine plant for my first flower.

This summer I am going to try to save money because next year my parents have to pay for me to go to the Academy and I don't want to make them pay for anything else. I pay for cds or silly things with "my own" money which I get for doing chores. But it's still my parents money. I might try to get a job at the library but I don't think I can get a real job until October. When I won't have time to. So I was thinking I might want to start selling ACEOs on ebay. And I have some questions for you people who sell them already:
Do people actually buy them?
Do they always pay or do you have to like track the person down?
and What price do you start them at or set it at?

ooh yeah I have a pretty new layout now :)
25th-May-2007 07:37 pm - the sleeper
aka, worst painting I've ever done

Didn't feel like scanning it so I just took a picture. For some reason, the whole thing just didn't work.
I learned some valuable things:
1. NEVER rely on Reeves' ultramarine blue so much in one painting. Evereverevereeverevereerrevverrrrr
2. NEVER start a painting if you don't like the sketch.

You would think I would have learning these things already.
I mostly use my set of Reeves watercolors, aside from some nicer things that I got because my set is limited. I've never heard of Reeves before which generally means their products aren't very good, and they aren't. It was fine when I was just starting but now the quality of their paint really realllyy bothers me. Especially the ultramarine blue, it's the worst. I've never been able to control it. It's impossible to layer with it, for some reason, you put down a nice wash and then go back with it to make it darker and where the water goes it gets all white and blotchy. Most of their paints are okay, just not ultramarine. I don't know why.
And I should have learned by now that a bad sketch will just bring a bad painting. I spent hours on the sketch but I never really loved it, I have to love it or else I end up hating it.
Most of the problems with this came with the top part, the black part. I wanted it to be like a murky blueblack. But of course the blue wouldn't layer nice and then I got smart and used indigo instead but that still wouldn't go nice over the ultramarine and neither would the black gouache. And then it got all shiny....
The dirt is the only part I spent time on and it looks decent. The flowers...are blotchy. And then the girl herself, well I started on the skin and it got blotchy and then I lost interest completely. I can't just not finish a painting, so it is "finished" very badly.
It's just most frustrating that I spent all week on this when I had so many more ideas and this just didn't work. But sometimes that happens. And it's not like this is a hugeeeee deal, it just gets a huge entry because I talk a lot.

Um..well, what else. Oh, it was inspired by Poe's poem "The Sleeper", and partially the song that Sopor Aeternus do of the poem. I wish I could have captured the beautiful and creepiness of the song, but, oh well. I love that song though, Anna's voice is so smooth in it, I love when she sings nicely, not like all in pain, like Penance and Pain. Hahah I was listening to that song once and talking to my dad and he was like..."so you actually like this?" haha.
Uh..its 18x24 inches. Which is also why it sucks that this didn't work. That paper is expensive!
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